How to use the Blackhead Vacuum Remover

Charge your device for 8 hours before use, unplug the charging cable, wait 10 seconds, then turn on your VibrantSkin™ Blackhead Vacuum Remover by pressing the power button for 3-5 seconds.

      1. Clean your face with water.
      2. Steam your face with a hot steamer, alternatively, place a warm towel on your face or have a warm shower for 4-8 minutes to allow your pores to be opened.
      3. Choose a suitable head and press the power button (you might need to press it for 3 seconds). We recommend using the lowest intensity first.
      4. Move the device back and forth, do not keep it in one place for too long as the suction might bruise your skin.
      5. To turn off the device, press and hold the power button until it turns off.
      6. Finish your treatment with a cold towel or mask to close the pores you just cleared out. Optional: Apply a toner afterward to further shrink pores and apply your favorite moisturizer.
      7. Clean the heads using hot water, soap and q-tips.

Attach a nozzle of the appropriate size. Our pore vacuum comes with a variety of attachments that are designed to be used on different types of blemishes. Examine the blackhead you’re attempting to remove to choose an attachment that will get the job done. Snap the nozzle into place on the front end of the vacuum and make sure that it’s secure.

  • Choose smaller attachments for single, pin-sized spots and larger attachments for big clogs and troublesome clusters.